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In-Company Programs

We provide tailored, integrated executive development programs for corporate clients. Simply let us know what learning and development gaps exist in your company and we’ll design a program to fit your needs.

With a successful track record of over 12 years we have designed a number of modular programs that can be run stand alone or customised and combined to create dynamic and effective in-house custom learning and leadership development programs.

Areas of Expertise

Self-Awareness and Leadership

A tailored 3 day program covering the following:

  • Self-awareness, building a strong understanding of self and personal impact;
  • Practical strategies to rapidly improve leadership capability both personally and collectively;
  • The importance of emotional intelligence and its link with leadership effectiveness; and
  • How to coach and develop people and increase their performance
High Performing Teams

Effective teams are more than a collection of subject matter experts. They are made up of people who understand the power of diversity and can work effectively with individual differences among team members. Effective teams are able to overcome the all-too-human behavioural tendencies that breed dysfunction, politics and poor performance. Using a number of tools to build team awareness, this workshop will help your team to develop and practice the skills needed to work together successfully.

  • Participants explore what makes people different and how to take those differences into account to achieve greater on-the-job efficiency and team effectiveness.
  • They gain a better understanding of their own communication styles and behavioural tendencies, receiving benchmarking information on how others perceive him/her. This self-discovery is of immense value.
  • Participants then learn about their impact on others: their strengths and weaknesses in working in teams.

Team members work together to clarify their overall goal, the specific contributions of each member, and how they will cooperate with one another. They learn to better understand, respect, and respond to each other's needs.

Workshops will be facilitated by Dr Melinda Muth and can be run over half a day, a full day or multiple days.

Persuasion and Influencing Skills

The Program equips participants with skills and a reliable tool for communicating more powerfully and persuasively in any type of business or social situation. It is based on Persona’s Social Styles and Trust Models, which have been validated over 20 years and are at the core of many of the most effective communication skills training programs.

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Feedback – Participants select 4-6 business colleagues to complete a profile on how they perceive him/her as a communicator. This awareness is key to developing new skills.
  • Results-focused – The emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills, not on learning theory.
  • Profiling Tool – Participants learn how to profile anyone they engage with and how to adapt their own communication style for maximum impact.
  • Individual Case Studies – Participants are coached to develop a Game Plan for communicating more effectively with a specific ‘problem individual’, usually someone they fail to engage effectively.

Who should participate?

  • Professional services teams who need to influence and want to build trusted relationships with their clients
  • Account managers dealing with high-value or complex client relationships
  • Sales executives looking to improve their selling technique
  • Leaders, managers and supervisors who want to be more effective at managing, coaching and incentivising their staff

Benefits of the Program

Individuals will benefit by:

  • Rapidly identifying the social styles of others and knowing how to adapt their proposals accordingly for greater impact
  • Learning how to build trust, project empathy and coach effectively, leading to reduced friction and greater co-operation
  • Understanding how to motivate others to achieve better team outcomes
  • Recognising the interpersonal dimension of the sales process and client relationships, leading to greater sales success

Companies have reported:

  • Improved top and bottom line results
  • Enhanced client relationships
  • More effective staff communication and greater flexibility in times of change
Strategic Thinking and Execution

A 2.5-day program tailored to specific client needs which introduces participants to the use of strategy frameworks in the context of current strategy development thinking (including Blue Ocean). We use a mix of whole group and syndicate learning and continually link the content and key learning points to the sponsoring organisation's specific strategic issues using their own language and terminology.

Business Acumen

A 2-day program covering the evaluation and selection of business opportunities using financial analysis, strategic marketing concepts, competitive intelligence techniques and business case development. We use a mix of business school cases and online simulations that the participants work through in syndicates.

The Business Acumen module is customised to meet specific client needs and we usually invite a finance or strategy executive to work as part of the faculty and use the client’s own business case framework/template in the syndicate work and final presentations.

IFGM Difference

We give our clients best practice business school thinking and content without the business school overhead or bureaucracy. Essentially we offer better value for money with greater flexibility.

In addition to local faculty, consultants and coaches, we have collaborative working relationships with Professor Sydney Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management at the Tuck School at Dartmouth, one of the world’s most influential leadership and management academics (Academy of Management Hall of Fame), Dr. Jürgen Ladendorf formerly of the Harvard Business School and Professor Dominic Houlder of the London Business School.

Our ongoing dialogue with educators inside and outside Australia ensures that our programs represent leading edge thinking in management education.

Streamwise Learning is a full member of the European Case Clearing House and a corporate learning member of Harvard Business Publishing which gives us access to the full range of teaching cases and simulations available to the world’s leading business schools.


March 2017

I would like to thank Dr Melinda Muth for her time last month to facilitate an interactive team building session for the South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) Contract Management Directorate (CMD) aimed at promoting individual awareness and an improved understanding and awareness of others.

The SMHS CMD has undergone a substantial amount of change in the last 18 months, including the amalgamation of two separate teams and the wider organisation undergoing a significant restructure. Melinda’s session effectively highlighted useful concepts and strategies for staff to understand their own built-in preferences, the intrinsic characteristics of their colleagues and how this understanding can be used to operate more effectively as a team.

Melinda’s approach and presentation was motivating, delivered with energy and was well received by all participants. Melinda tailored the session to suit the objectives we had identified and ensured it was specific to the nature of our business and our team’s needs.

The session received an overwhelmingly positive response from the team, was extremely valuable and has assisted in enhancing the connections between colleagues and promoting a higher level of self-awareness within the team.

I highly recommend Melinda as a facilitator and Streetwise Learning to provide valuable personal and professional development within an organisation.

Yours sincerely,

Leon McIvor, Executive Director Contract Management, South Metropolitan Health Service